Loneliness in the tarot

Over the weekend, I had a conversation with a lonely person. I was chatting with a friend outside a pub when he approached us and struck up a conversation. He tried to make a connection with us by sharing stories about his expensive homes and cars, but unable to impress, he awkwardly retreated back to the bar. Later at home, I started thinking about that man and looked him up in the Tarot, as I do sometimes with people and situations. I found him (can you guess which card?) and then I sorted through and found seven other cards where I saw loneliness indicated. The more I looked at the cards, the more I found they fell into two distinct groups. This is how loneliness shows up in a tarot reading, by shutting down and building walls, or by retreating inward and away.

This post is a monster, so grab a cup of coffee before you continue! 😉

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  • Lenormand keywords

    Are you stumped on the meaning of a Lenormand card? These are the same Lenormand keywords I’ve been working from, evolving, growing out of and away from, and falling comfortably back into for years. Feel free to take this list, add to it, delete from it, and use it as a jumping off point for

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  • Overwhelm and the Ten of Wands

    I can’t think of a single card in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot that fits my life any better than the 10 of Wands.  What do you see when you look at the card? Yourself? What do you feel? I feel tired. The way I feel after working in the office all day and

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  • Tarot Tuesday – February 25

    One way to bring your tarot readings (especially when they involve those tricky Major Arcana cards) down to earth, is to pair them with a few Lenormand cards. Here I have Temperance from Robert Place’s beautiful The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery, along with the Scythe and Fish cards from my 1860 Dondorf Lenormand. The

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  • How to read a palm

    Tell her that you’re going to read her fortune. Take her hand in yours. Look at the heart line. Point it out to her, tracing the crevice with your finger. Notice where it begins (on the thumb-side, sometimes between the head line and the index finger, or anywhere along the top of the fingers between

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