My name is Melissa. I was born with my sun in Can­cer and my moon in Aries. I am all water and fire. Intu­ition + Passion.

My work, I’ve dis­cov­ered, is not read­ing cards, mak­ing art, or even writ­ing for the sake of writ­ing. My work is to make peo­ple under­stand that there is a pur­pose to their lives and that pur­pose is revealed through beau­ti­ful synchronicity.

Div­ina­tion and jour­nal­ing, writ­ing, pho­tog­ra­phy and col­lage, is how I inte­grate my per­cep­tions with my expe­ri­ences. Tarot espe­cially, has been inte­gral to under­stand­ing who, what, why and how I am in the world. 

My writ­ing on div­ina­tion is con­fes­sional, as I seek to unravel and exam­ine my own life through the lens of the Sibyl.

My teach­ing style is prac­ti­cal, irrev­er­ent, and A-Ha! induc­ing. I’m noto­ri­ously silly (I’ve been called Sassy once or twice).

But I’m not all cards and crys­tal balls. I’m a sin­gle mom. A scrap­per. A New Yorker with mid­west­ern sen­si­bil­ity. I’m a fem­i­nist, activist and envi­ron­men­tal­ist. I like coun­try music, tall boots and roller derby. I wear big ear­rings. Really big. Huge.

I love a good coin­ci­dence more than any other small plea­sure. I also love my kids, art, romance nov­els, gar­den­ing, knit­ting, and dry red wines. My soul­mate is a four-legged sausage dog named Lula. As any good witch should, I have a cat named Kitteh.

I’ve been for­mally trained in Eng­lish lit­er­a­ture, west­ern med­ical herbal­ism and plant spirit med­i­cine, and Usui Reiki. My spe­cial­ties are Tarot and Lenor­mand cartomancy.

I love to connect with like-minded folks. Don’t hesitate to reach out via this beautiful contact page, Instagram, or by clicking the “Ask me a question” in the lower left corner.

Be good to each other!

About the site

In 2007 I started a Tarot-related blog that evolved into what became The Sassy Sibyl. For a few years, I maintained that blog, ran online courses, sold decks of cards and readings. A few years ago, the database blew up. It festered because I didn’t have the energy or understanding to fix it — and by the time I did, I realized I’d outgrown the name and brand.

So why IthacaWitch? I haven’t always embraced the witch moniker, though I’d happily say Pagan or even Heathen in some circles. But over the past few years, while nesting in my new community and making connections with my neighbors, I noticed a trend of local friends and folks seeking me out for advice and counsel. A spell to mend a broken heart. A charm to dispel the lingering energies of a departed ex. A litany for financial abundance. I’d work what I knew of herbs, symbols, stories, folklore traditions and stars together —my magic being of the practical, kitchen, green, or even hedge sort. One afternoon, a friend sheepishly asked if I would put together a rite for her as she was in the middle of a life transition. I chuckled and asked why am I the friend who is asked these tough favors? Her response, “Because you are the witch we know!”

I realized two things in that moment. One — when you root in a place, your magic roots there also. Two — it’s good to know a witch.

And I suppose a third thing: I like this, being a real person that is seen and recognized for who I am, instead of a brand or persona I wear on the internet. It felt good and fit well when I tired it on, so IthacaWitch it is.